Weekly photo challenge : Hand

what a tricky hand :}


Weekly Photo Challenge : Unfocused


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This week’s theme is coincidentally fits my last week photographs.

I took the first picture accidentally. Instead of focused on the pier, it focused on the wire. So the second time I intentionally reversed it.

H&M Mix&Match

H&M for spring collection are so adorable. I’ve just pick 5 apparel for this spring and mix & match them. The first thing that I have to buy is a Cropped Jacket Jeans. It’s only $29.95. It’s very essentials, because I can wear it anytime.

A fancy jersey stripe nautical short dress for a lovely sunny spring day. You can make them more dressy with a cute jacket. Don’t forget to put more accents, like a belt. This dress is only for $17.95.

Another fancy jersey short dress from H&M. What I love from this dress is I can wear it differently. It’s like many option to wear it and style it. You can wear it just like that without adding some accents or you can adding a little bit accents like a belt for a  casual look. You can also mixed it with a jacket and a pair of lovely boots for a little more dressy look. Even more, you can put some legging or jegging for more edgy look. And the price $17.95 is absolutely worthy.

White cotton blouse with a pretty embroidery details. It’s nice to wear it with a jeans and don’t forget a scarf for the accents. This material is very light and comfortable and it’s $24.95.

Who are not in love with maxi dress?! Well maybe a lot of people :p but not me! I am definitely crazy in love with maxi dress. Especially summer maxi dress, which always super comfy to wear. Because the fabric is very light and airy and flowy. But for the spring I mixed it with a jacket. The price is so affordable, for only $24.95 you can have the look like more.

Garlic Wonton Soup



This soup is what you need when you don’t have much time to cook. You have no idea how easy to prepare this. Well maybe because I bought the prepared wonton. So I just have to make the garlic soup and add some mushrooms to add a little bit of flavor.

Directions : First you have to crushed well the garlic, a lot of garlic. Then heat it on pan fried oil until gold and fragrant. While you stir it, you can boil water in a pot. When it’s already boiled, put in the garlic and sliced mushrooms. Cook it for about 10-15 minutes. Add salt, pepper, chicken flavored and last but not least the wonton. If you like, you can garnished it with a chopped scallions. Taste good 😉

The Humble Chelsea Market

Another engaging spot from the borough of Manhattan in New York city. It is an urban food court, located in 15th and 16th street between 9th and 10th avenue. You can found a lot of extraordinary things here. From vegetables, fruits, arts, books, cakes, restaurants, cafe, and many more. Also they have a wine store with an unbeatable price!

Original factory floors and winding halls exposed brick preserve the industrial feel, creating a humbleness ambient.

Irresistible cupcakes and cookies.

If you like vintage, pop art, creativity, you should try and take a look around to Artist & Fleas of the local artists. It’s all about hipness and uniqueness.

Chicken Green Chili Sauce

It was very simple and very easy to make this dish. Even if you are never been cooking before. You just need 3 things; breast chicken boneless, green chili/jalapeno, and green tomatoes. Ofcourse with the most important ingredients that always be in your kitchen; salt and garlic. That’s it!

Directions : Heat the oil in the pan, put the minced garlic and salt until fragrantly golden brown. Next is put the puree of green tomatoes and green chili, stir it for about 5-10 minutes. Then add sliced/chopped chicken, cook until the chicken really well. Served with warm rice. Enjoy 🙂

Bakso / Indonesian meatball

Puree of garlic and small onions in a blender. Boiled beef bones, marrow and meat. If it is boiling, disposed the foams above which existing fats. After that put in the blended spices. Add beef flavor, pepper and salt. Boil about half an hour, and then put the meatball. Boil about five minutes, then put the tofu for a minute, and then turn off the flame. Meanwhile, boil water in a small pot. If its boiling, put rice noodles, stir briefly, then remove and drain. Place in bowl, pour the beef gravy, meatballs and tofu. add onion, celery, soy sauce and chili paste. I guaranteed you want more 😉