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There are no particular definition about new york style in interior design. It is kinda hard to explain in a words. Since people just get use to say it to described the typical of the style. But if you take the meaning of the city of New York itself, then it leads to an urban way of life.

Urban design is characterized by striking colors, nontraditional materials, and innovative style. The main function of urban interior design is to create space, combination of live and work spaces.

Renovated warehouses might feature a concrete floor for large-scale artwork or production and an upper loft for a living space. Highrise apartments, upscale condominiums and mixed-use buildings are other innovations in urban living spaces.

Galvanized steel, concrete floors, metal, exposed beams and unfinished surfaces to create a distinctly modern, bohemian look. In upscale urban interiors, however, the look is far more polished, with designer fixtures, sophisticated finishes and innovative small space solutions, such as open floor plans that allow for multifunctional rooms.

Urban interior design is smart design. It demands innovative design strategies. Furniture tends to low and modular, with a less ornamentation. Accessories may be more utilitarian. People may mount bookcases to a wall or create built-ins that surround a door frame. That is one of many ways to trick the tighter spaces.