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One of the most important food ingredients that should always be available in my refrigerator is ground beef. I can make various menu from it. The simple and easy menu to make from ground beef is burger patty.

500 gr ground beef, 5 cloves garlic (crushed) , 1 onion (crushed). Mixed all those ingredients, with salt, pepper, 1 egg, and 1 tbs of bread crumbs. That’s it!

What I love from it, you can serve it with what ever you like or what you have. I like to served it with a bun, but when I run out of stock of a bun, I just served it with cheese and salad with fries or rice when I’m desperately hungry 😉

Ow, FYI you can also make a meat balls from this recipe. Isn’t that great?! You can fried it or make a meat ball soup from it. I’ve made bakso instead, complete with chicken noodles.