In the beginning, the simple purpose of Social Network is to keep relations with friends and relatives. Either you are far from each other, or even if you meet them everyday. But it has changed, drift apart from the original purposed. Nowadays, many people use Social Network as a media to insinuate, disfigure, and even more assault others by saying something bad and disrespect them. That’s the reality that occurs, considered to be a pity action and very shameful indeed.

For some people, Social Networking is just a trivial issue. But for some others, it can be significant and indispensable. The effect of a piece of writing will have the major impact and in a long term, depend on each person. From what I’ve read, it turns out to developed into cyber-bullying or cyber-harassment.

As far as I know, cyber-bullying happens when a child/ preteen/ teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or otherwise targeted by another using the internet. Once adults people posting text or images intended to hurt another person, it is called cyber-harassment. Both can be stopped by reporting to Internet Service Provider/ website moderator. Or in a simple way, just removed/ deleted/ blocked them away 😉