When I was a kid, I used to eat this at Wendy’s. The only restaurant that I know selling Chili in Jakarta. I am really kind of a big fans to it. Every time I go to the Mall, I always choose Wendy’s, and of course Chili is the only one menu that should be on the order, besides waffle fries or broccoli & cheese baked potatoes (those two are another my favorite foods). When I was grow up, I really think that I should make it my own Chili. But it was just a thought (NATO), until yesterday. I finally made it, and it soooooo goooood. I really mean it! 😀

I uploaded this photo in my family groups, and they immediately said “the spaghetti sauce looks yummy”. In fact I already named it in the caption: Homemade Chili, haha.. But I think it’s obviously the same for them. Well, when I think about it.. Yeah, you can’t tell this is chili or spaghetti sauce. Indeed, they have same basic ingredients. Actually I really made it from left-over spaghetti sauce. I just needed to add some more ingredients like chopped garlic, sliced onion ( I think it better be chopped rather than sliced, but it depends on you), diced green pepper, diced jalapeno and diced tomato, sauted them. While you stir it on a pan, put the left-overspaghetti sauce in a pot, add some water, 1 can of kidney bean, mixed it and stir it. Then you put your sauted vegetables to it. Add some chilli powder, cumin powder, and chili’s season mixed. You can also add some salt, black pepper, and a little bit sugar to add more flavour. That’s it, simple and easy. I eat it with garlic bread and garlic potatoes. Yummy 😉