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Everyone in the planet Earth is probably have once or even more, experience the pain of cold or flu. Unfortunately it happened to my husband recently. I was so sad to see him stayed in bed with runny nose, dry cough and bad headache. It’s more worse that it happens on the weekend, where we used to spend more time together than the weekdays/workdays. I tried to make him feel better by getting up earlier to make him homemade chicken porridge. Well, it helps a little I think. Then I’ve found some very useful article about how to beat cold and flu. But formerly, let me tell you the difference between cold and flu. Maybe many of us thought they were just the same. But No! Here’s the fact about cold and flu.

Cold is usually start with sore throat followed by sneezing and runny nose. Sometimes with a headache and feel fatigue/ weakness. All those symptoms of a common cold. But when you feel chills in the bone, muscle aches, extreme fatigue (knocked out), and also a high fever, then it means you are having heavier cold a.k.a FLU.

Here is some ways to prevent cold and flu that I think it reduces the symptoms or at least shorten the duration.

1. Get breakfast, make sure you have it. This is the most important time to prepare your body for the entire day. Don’t underestimated it! Better to have a hot drink for breakfast, though some people prefer OJ (orange juice) than a cup of hot tea. Well I think it depends on your fondness and habits.

2. Massage. Whether sick or not, I am happy to get massaged. Apparently it increase blood cells to protecting the body from disease. Gladly, it proved by research. Don’t forget to put some medicine such as cajuput oil or balsam, then rub it to the entire body especially the back. It makes feel so much better instantly.

3. Hot Food. When you are having a cold or flu, your sense of taste shall surely decreased. Your favorite food seems pretty much tasteless. But from what I’ve heard and also experienced, the most welcome food in cold is soup (or what ever looks like or taste like or in the family of that food). Porridge, chilli, soto, and many more choice other than regular chicken soup.

4. Vitamin D. All of this time, I thought vitamin C is the most vital supplement to beat cold and flu. I was obviously wrong. We realized cold and flu occuring in winter or cold weather. It is because we are not getting enough vit D, since the sun is not strong enough to produced it. Take vitamin D3 supplement or other way you can have it from salmon.

5. Sleep as much as you can. Try to avoid TV, computer, and any other things that would make you stay up. Other while, try to stay in bed and relaxed. You have to rest your body and also your mind, literally.

Well, I believe there must be more techniques to beat cold and flu. But at least, that 5 ways is enough to help you or the one you care feel much better when having a cold and flu. Stay health! 😉